Favorite Vinyl Siding Colors

Favorite Vinyl Siding Colors

These are my tried and true favorite vinyl siding colors. I have searched high and low for my favorite products. It is actually so difficult to find a siding samples that truly represents how the siding will look in a larger scale. It always makes it easier for clients to see a full finished home to help them make a decision on what color combo to go with and better vision to how their home will look. I hope you find these helpful when making siding selections.

Lets begin with my most favorite at the moment, I searched high and low for this dark gray, almost black siding color. Would you believe most manufactures do not make black siding? After finding this color and using it for one of our parade homes in 2019, it has become the most requested siding color in my office this year. And I always tell clients, black is a classic color that goes with everything! Like your favorite little black dress or a classic black turtle neck.

Mitten in Frost-2

Continuing with the classics, here are my favorite whites. You can pull off white if trying to do a modern farmhouse, rustic, cottage, or colonial style home. But Really, white works with most everything. I love white homes, and I know I am biased because I live in an all white home. There's just something about a nice bright, crisp, and airy house.

Mitten in Frost
Mitten in Frost-5

Green, green, green. I feel like Green is the new trending color of 2020. I seriously love greens. It just gives such a natural and organic vibe. Mix it with some wood details to elevate the look.

Mitten in Frost-4

And last but definitely not least. Gray! I think gray had a moment there a few years ago. Seemed like the "it" color was gray with white trim. And let me tell you, it still looks nice and clean. But maybe you can use gray as an accent color if you want to be a little different, like I did with this home.

Mitten in Frost-3

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